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Book Of Butler
In 1951, Charles K. Payne and Lawrence C. Wassmer, Sr. published a history book about the Borough of Butler. It was named Butler, New Jersey in Story and Pictures. Its purpose was to capture the glory days of this community and to preserve that history for posterity.

A number of attempts were made over the years to update and republish this history book. It never came to pass.

To mark the 100th Anniversary of the incorporation of Butler in 2001, volunteers established the Butler Centennial Yearbook Committee in 1998. This not-for-profit organization was established to publish a chronicle of Butler's history, raise funds for publishing the book through advanced sales and ads, and distribute this special yearbook.

Two goals were established: to capture the borough's history from 1951 to the present and to make the original book available to the public. Organizational work done in 1989 by Peter Shepard, Donna Tintle, and Roberta Hunt served as the foundation for the undertaking by the Yearbook Committee.

As Dr. Payne said in the preface to his book, "It has been fun writing this history, but a great deal of work too." The same was true of the Centennial Edition. So much data was collected for "the book" and so much was still missing. The project proved to be a monumental undertaking. It was often difficult to locate the sources that could supply the facts we needed. Volunteers read forty years of back issues of newspapers, called groups to get their histories, tracked down older residents to learn what happened to their social or fraternal group, walked door-to-door to sell ads and to get advance orders for a book, sight unseen.

The Committee was unable to have the book available for 2001. Proudly, we delivered the 850 copies to their owners one year ago, in March 2004.

In this section of our web site, the museum will present you with information and photos from Butler, New Jersey in Story and Pictures-Centennial Edition.

Although there are no copies available for sale, Peggy Spranzani of the Butler Museum will take the names, addresses, and phone numbers of readers who would be interested in purchasing a book if it goes to a second printing. Taylor Publishing of Dallas, Texas published this 312 page hard covered edition. In 2004, Taylor Publishing stated that the company would need at least 250 orders to do a reprint that would cost $55.00. Of course, the more book orders we have and the less costly the book would be.

From time to time, we will give you an update as to how many requests we have for ordering more books. As of now, April 2, 2005, we have about 110 interested purchasers. We will also contact Taylor Publishing to learn if the publishing costs have gone up.

Five copies of the history book are available for loan at the Butler Library. You can also browse through the copies that we have at the Butler Museum on Saturdays between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

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