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World Famous in Butler: Thomas Edison in Butler

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Thomas Edison visited the town of Butler and stayed across the street from the railroad station in the Park Hotel. The hotel register in the museum shows Edison's signature and those of his son and nephew. Listed also is information about his stay: he ordered breakfast, supper, and dinner in the hotel dining room and also rented from the "Livery." ( Rented a horse and carriage from the stable associated with the hotel.) Edison would drive up to the Ogden, NJ area where he had established an industrial/mining community to further his work on his inventions.

A Thomas Edison Standard phonograph is displayed in the museum. Music and songs were recorded on black wax cylinders. The cylinder would be place on the phonograph and you would turn the handle to supply the power; the phonograph cylinder would turn and the music and song would be heard coming from the horn that served as a speaker.


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